Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post 4: Analysis of a celebrity endorsement

Lance Armstrong is in an advertisement for Michelob Ultra Light Beer. It's called "Little Extra" and he is shown waking up early in the morning before a workout and adding a "little extra" milk into his cereal (thanks to the calories saved by Michelob Ultra Light Beer. Then after a hard workout he is shown relaxing in this beautiful mountaintop bar with friends. It is a super sexy ad and kind of makes me like Michelob. Lance Armstrong is a really good celeb to sell anything, especially beer. Look at how widespread his Livestrong campaign was, I mean, who didn't have one of those yellow bracelets? Okay, I didn't. But just about everyone I knew wore one, and it sparked a trend where you'd see people wearing multiple bands in different colors, all having different meanings. Lance Armstrong sells.
Armstrong said of his decision to campaign for Michelob (as quoted on, October 7, 2009), "I'm always making decisions that complement my active lifestyle, and this includes my beer choice when I want to enjoy a cold one with friends or take a break from training. I'm excited about my association with Michelob Ultra, a brand that supports cycling and running communities across the U.S. and is a favorite among active adults."
The commercial rated a 5.31 for popularity during the Superbowl. It didn't make the top 10, but wasn't the least popular either. I think the ads will do well, because I liked them, and I also noticed them a lot in magazines, more than other beer ads. And in the world of beer, more advertising = more sales. The article in, linked above, said that Armstrong is in some ways a good fit and other ways, very odd for selling Michelob.

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