Sunday, April 18, 2010

Response to Darius Feaster's blog about Peaches

In his April 14th post about real vs. fake food, Darius Feaster compared the advantages and disadvantages of fresh and canned peaches. He said that although he used to enjoy fresh peaches when his mother would buy them from the store. Now he resorts to eating canned peaches, and although he finds them more consistently sweet than the real kind, he opines the fact that much of the nutrients available in peaches are lost through the canning process. His link is to an article by Dr. Leslie Van Romer, who talks candidly about real and fake foods. Dr. Van Romer urges people to eat as close to natural as possible, because when we fill up on junk food we're not leaving much room for the good stuff that will help us live long, happy and healthy lives.
Darius' article was clear and convincing, and maybe will help me pick a little healthier food choices in the future

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