Friday, March 26, 2010

Demo speech

A few weeks ago we had to do demonstration speeches for class. I did a presentation on PIZZA COOKIES!!! I thought it was the best speech I've ever done. I did a thorough job of explaining why pizza cookies are relevant to the average student, and my breakdown and organization of steps couldn't be simpler!
Also, I was full of energy and enthusiasm, and had great volume. I used lots of eye contact, and I used my body language to convey excitement to the class. Also, I think I did well at physically demonstrating the topic. Everyone could clearly see what I was doing, and they had material at their desk to follow along.
My visual aids were some of the most effective in the class, and I think they were visually interesting, at least to some degree.
I would do the same topic again, because I don't have expertise in many other areas. Pizza cookies are so simple, they are hard to mess up or get nervous about. I've learned from past speeches to avoid complicated or controversial subjects. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope people enjoyed it, even though pizza cookies are pretty much inedible after they've been plastered with a weeks worth of sugar. In the future I might try to refine it by experimenting with different toppings, like a less sweet frosting, and fruit instead of candy. Also, I might try homemade cookies that are less sweet than the store bought version, or more buttery...
If I could redo the speech I would dress better. I think the rest of it just "is what it is". I try to get these sorts of things over with and not look back.

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