Friday, April 30, 2010

Austin's Potato Post

In Austin's April 19th post, entitled "Real" Potatoes vs. "Fake" Potatoes, he talks about how he used to eat mashed potatoes that were "real", but since college has been eating the boxed variety for simplicity. Although he says that the boxed potatoes are very comparable both nutritionally and taste-wise to real, homemade mashed potatoes, he says he will probably some day return to making the real thing.
Austin also provides a link to
Junkfood Science, which has an article called "Processed foods aren't real foods". In the article, the author Sandy Szwarc begins talking about how people are taught to fear processed foods, and look out for anything with a long, unrecognizable name in their foods ingredient list.
Then, she surprises readers by giving her explanation of why all foods that are cooked are "processed" and how processing can be highly beneficial at best and unharmful at worst.
I loved the article Austin posted with his blog. Also, I thought Austin did a nice job of talking about mashed potatoes. It was simple, yet effective.

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