Monday, March 8, 2010

Response to Louisa Daniels post

In Louisa Daniels ( blog, she critiqued the diet product Quicktrim.
She basically stated that Kim and Khloe Kardashian, the sexy sisters who are promoting Quicktrim, have no scientific credibility towards selling this product. Included in her presentation, are two links to Quicktrim websites, as well as a link to a site critiquing Quicktrim. I thought the critique, which basically made the point that Quicktrim is not a real lifestyle change but only a quickfix that may hinder people from making real, positive changes, had the right idea. People should definitely try to focus on correcting poor health habits and see what that does for their body, before turning to quick fixes and diet fads. I thought Louisa did a great job of keeping her post succint and to the point, and her links were pretty good choices. Also, she had a clean, visually appealing format for the post, and the content was informative. Good job, Louisa!

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