Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prepare a meal

Last night I made a "Hungry-Man" dinner, which I bought last week when I was in the frozen food section of Wal*Mart getting some "Banquet" frozen dinners. I picked up a Hungry-Man for my husband because he eats those a lot. However, I was very hungry last night and decided to have one instead of my normal t.v. dinner (there are more than twice as many calories in a Hungry-Man versus a Banquet t.v. dinner.) All I had to do to prepare it was set the oven to 350 degrees, cut the plastic off the chicken and brownie, and pop the thing in the oven. Then I waited forty minutes for it to cook. Forty minutes later I was enjoying a hearty, trans fat laden meal. I scarfed most of it down, and felt great afterwards. Clean up consisted of just throwing the box away, and washing a couple barely used dishes. Overall, I think the ease of preparation and clean up (and the headache saved from not trying to make something that has 20 ingredients and makes a big mess) made it a very enjoyable meal. Also, I liked that I had to wait forty minutes for it to cook, because the anticipation increased my overall enjoyment of the meal.

As for Michael Pollan's statements in In Defense of Food, I took major offense at some of the things he said. Perhaps Christians in the 19th Century did lead us to eagerly accept low-fat and processed foods. However, a low-fat diet is not the reason most Americans are suffering from an obesity epidemic. It is the brownies, the cookies, the fried chicken, the soda and the pizza. In short, I think Pollan was trying a little too hard in this chapter to make connections that are very loose, at best. The meal I ate did not affect my opinion. To me, it doesn't matter what you eat, but how the food makes you feel. Therefore, having some commonsense rules to keep your diet in check may be beneficial. Check the link to I've included to see the benefits you can reap from a better diet; such as, fewer headaches from drinking an adequate amount of water.

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